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California Hemp Regulations & Registration for Growers

California is positioned grow into the USA's largest hemp growing, production and consumption market. Hemp is legal to grow in California. The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) is the state agency responsible for hemp regulation in California. CDFA is just now (January 2019), after over a year of work, completing its hemp agriculture rules and farming registration process. The rules are going through a final review with the Office of Administrative Law. CDFA is requesting an "Early Effective Date" so that farmers growing hemp will be able to register with their local County Agricultural Commissioner at the end of February. If this early effective date is not granted, then regulations will take effect and registration for hemp growers will start on April 1st.

Hemp growers must register through their local County Agricultural Commission office. Those county offices will share a registration fee with CDFA and information from a one-page hemp grower registration form. Hemp farming fees will be about $900. per year.

CA-Hemp is monitoring the rollout of the new state regulations and will let its clients know exactly when registration will start, as soon as it knows.


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